Decisions, Decisions.Toronto Raptors Reportedly In Hot Pursuit of Steve Nash

~ Steve Nash has a table full of options to consider. The 38-year old point guard appears to be loving every second of free agency and what comes up with it. What it has done for Nash is give him an interesting scenario to consider for next season. Nash reportedly has received a contract offer from the Toronto Raptors for 3 years at $36 million, according to’s Marc Stein.

 That offer is going to sit on the table for Nash as he is expected to field offers from the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, and quite possibly the New York Knicks. What to do? What to Do?

 Toronto is clearly playing the hometown card here as Nash is from Canada. That 3rd year they tacked on to that contract offer makes it a more appealing option for Nash to consider. The  Nets, Mavs are currently looking to see what happens with Deron Williams while the Knicks situation will depend on their negotiations with Jeremy Lin. The scenarios are endless here as for which direction Nash goes in based on the free agent point guard market.

 It would be wrong to count out the team Nash has played for so long with, the Phoenix Suns. They could very well step up to the plate and attempt to re-sign Nash.

 Money is going to be large factor in this situation for Nash, however the chance to win at this stage in his career should also be at the top of his list. I don’t see that happening with Toronto, although he’d be a major upgrade to their team. He says he’s willing to listen if any team expresses interest and he’s clearly doing just that.


4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions.Toronto Raptors Reportedly In Hot Pursuit of Steve Nash

  1. herrick8 says:

    I can’t imagine Nash going to Toronto. Sure, it’s Canada, but Nash is from British Columbia on the complete other side of Canada. It doesn’t seem like any of the other potential suitors (outside of Phoenix) could offer that much money, so if it really is about the money I suppose Toronto has a shot. But in the end, why would he leave Phoenix for Toronto. He seems to love Phoenix and although they haven’t put the best team on the court in recent years, Toronto is even worse.

    • Tony Rushing says:

      My gut feeling on this is that Nash isn’t going back to Phoenix. He would make Toronto interesting to watch, however I’m thinking he wants to hear what happens with the Nets or Knicks first before making his choice.

      • herrick8 says:

        I would agree with that. His relationship with Phoenix seems to be waning. He’s had a long career in which he’s made a lot of money. I think he ends up on a team that could potentially contend (my bold prediction is Dallas).

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